Our Team

{Our names... classes...}
A photograph of the team... and also the Project Supervisor

(I) Overview of Project

What is the theory/ concept behind the topic?

(II) Our Mission ~ Part 1

What does the group need to accomplish at the end of the workshop?

(II) Our Mission ~ Part 2(i)

  • What were some assumptions that were made in this initial step toward making a game for drug development? 
  • How are these assumptions limiting and how do they differ from reality?
  • How are these assumptions helpful?
  • How would you modify the game to more realistically approximate enzyme inhibitor binding?

(II) Our Mission ~ Part 2(ii)

Questions from Project Manual (Q2)

The lock and key mechanism relies mainly on the matching of shapes. However, molecular binding also depends on specific interactions (for example a positive charge in one place of a molecule matching a negative charge on another molecule) and molecules sometimes change shape when they bind.
How can you imagine the game taking these into account?

(II) Our Mission ~ Part 2(iii)

Questions from Project Manual (Q3)

What are some alternative ways to provide better feedback and response to the user in real time as he/she proceeds through the docking process?

(II) Our Mission ~ Part 2(iv)

Questions from Project Manual (Q4)

How much more difficult will this be if the bound solutions are unknown?
In other words, real drug design would be like enzymetris game where the player doesn't know if the shapes will match or not.
How could we implement this aspect while not completely frustrating the player?

(II) Our Mission ~ Part 2(v)

Questions from Project Manual (Q5)

What alternatives can we use to visualise the 2 shapes as they dock so as to ensure the best shape matching and least frustration to the player?

(III) Our Accomplishment

  • What is the end product/ findings?
  • A description/ explanation of your product/ findings

(IV) Our Gains...

As a group,
  • discuss how the project has helped to deepen your understanding/ broaden your awareness on selected subject discipline(s)
  • describe how the new learning is/ can be connected to what you learnt/ are going to learn